Live Cam WordPress Plugin for Chaturbate Cams Options

Live cam WordPress plugin for Chaturbate cams adds live webcams to your websites. Use the shortcode in posts, pages, block-based widgets, standard text and custom html widgets. Works with both plain and pretty permalink settings. Uses javascript to open cams in modal and contains noscript to open in target _blank if javascript is disabled. Customize each display by adding optional parameters. Download free Chaturbate Lite WordPress plugin and try it out.

Shortcode to display cams:
Full version: [pser-cb affid="yourID"]
Free lite version: [pser-cb-lite affid="yourID"]
Note: Shortcode and parameters are case sensitive! Parameter values should be encased in quotes separated by a space, see example.

Required parameter:
affid= (affiliate ID) Not registered yet? Signup here

Optional parameters:
program= (“pps”, defaults to “revshare”, not applicable when linking to whitelabel)
track= (defaults to “plugin” in the full version and to “plugin-lite” in the free lite version)
target= (defaults to “pser-cb-modal” showing cam in modal)
target-mobile= (set a different value for mobile traffic, defaults to “_blank”)
rel= (defaults to “nofollow noopener noreferrer”)
filter= (“female”, “male”, “couple”, “trans”, defaults to “all”)
width= (set a width for the camlist container)
max-width= (set a max-width for the camlist container)
min-width= (set a min-width for the camlist container)
columns= (“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”, defaults to “6”)
viewers= (enter “off” to disable viewers)
gender= (enter “off” to disable gender)
name= (enter “off” to disable name)
topic= (enter “off” to disable topic)
logo= (enter “off” to disable logo, “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”, “7”, “8”, defaults to “1”)
border= (defaults to “#444 2px solid”)
count= (enter “off” to disable count, enter text to be displayed following the count, if your text includes a link encase the value in single quotes)
per-page= (defaults to “60”)
per-page-mobile= (set a different value for mobile traffic)
pager= (enter “off” to disable pager, number of pages to show on each side of current page, defaults to “2”)

Available in the full version only:
wl= (whitelabel url including “https://” but without a hanging slash to link to whitelabel instead of Chaturbate site)
The option to send traffic to your whitelabel site is not available in the free lite version.

Available logo images:

Live Cam WordPress Plugin for Chaturbate Cams

That’s all folks! You’ll find all the available parameters on the plugin settings page for easy reference. If you want to change any of the styling, you can do so by adding additional style within your theme’s customizer settings. I included the unminified stylesheet in the plugin.

Shortcode example incorporating some of the optional parameters:
[pser-cb affid="MUIXl" wl="" columns="1" pager="off" filter="female" per-page="4" logo="4" count='Girls Live on Cam! <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">Show More</a>']

What’s the difference between the free lite and the full version of the Chaturbate WordPress plugin? The free lite version is fully functional and includes all the same options as the full version except for whitelabel. The free lite version will skim 10% and the full version has NO skim.

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