Chaturbate Plugin

Works out-of-the-box in WordPress posts, pages, standard text and custom html widgets. Build a complete camsite or add cams to an existing site within a matter of minutes. Add live cams to your sidebars on blogs and tube sites. For an instant camsite just add shortcode to your pages. Interactive live cam modals with fullscreen mode and signup links. Responsive design, noscript, mobile settings, SEO friendly, light-weight, easy setup, highly customizable.

Choose 1-6 columns layout, select overlays, pager, filters, count, program, whitelabel, target, and more. You’ll find all the optional parameters on the settings page for easy reference. Everything is passed in the shortcode, nothing is saved to your database. You can make every shortcode instance unique. Check out the demo.

Download the lite version and take a look. Just install, activate, and you are ready to add shortcode to your posts, pages, and widgets. The lite version is free to use for as long as you want and has all the same options as the full version except for whitelabel support. The lite version will skim 10% and the full version has NO skim.

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